Trolling Rods

8' 6" Medium Dipsey Rod (2 Piece)


The Fox River trolling rod has become one of the industry leading rods for those looking to cover water whether you're trolling boards, lead core, or flatline fishing. Not all trolling rods are created equal. They need the perfect balance of backbone to reel in a big fish and board, but a soft enough action in big surging waves not to surge that bait and board forward, or put too much pressure on a fish while reeling it in. From inland lakes and rivers, to the Great Lakes, the Fox River trolling rods have become a staple for anglers across the country. Our 8'6" two-piece rod was designed for those anglers who love to use dipsy divers or want a little added length to their trolling arsenal.

The tried and true Fox River Trolling Rods have been a standby in anglers hands since it’s inception. Our 30 Ton high modulus graphite rod is durable and has exceptional strength to help you land fish after fish.

  • 30 Ton high modulus graphite
  • EVA foam with custom Shrink X handles
  • Pac Bay guides with zirconia rings
  • Designed to troll with planer boards, lead core or flatline fishing

SPECS: 8' 6" Medium Trolling Action
LINE WT: 10-20 lb. LURE WT: 1/2-1.5 oz.

Our Price: $129.99