FRH Series

7' 3" Medium Heavy Split-Grip Casting Rod


Our casting rods are no slouch. Tried and true to withstand the hardest of hooksets, the 7'3" medium heavy is the perfect all-around rod. Heavy enough for flipping and pitching around cover, but light enough to throw a finesse jig. Chatter baits and swim baits are a breeze. The ability to make long casts will allow you to more efficiently cover water giving you more opportunity to connect.

The tried and true Fox River Rod has been a standby in anglers hands since it's inception. Our 30 Ton high modulus graphite rod is lightweight, durable and has exceptional strength to help you land fish after fish.

  • 30 Ton high modulus graphite
  • Open casting reel seat for ultimate sensitivity
  • AAA grade, hand selected cork
  • Split grip design to reduce weight
  • New dual integrated hook keeper

SPECS: 7' 3" Medium/Heavy Fast Taper Action
LINE WT: 10-20 lb. LURE WT: 1/4-1 oz.

Our Price: $129.99